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MBizLeads is designed to provide you with a number of solutions that will decrease the stress you have when capturing new contacts and converting them from cold leads to consumers. There are three major features that comprise MBizLeads. You can select just one of them or get ALL 3 for the price of 2!



Too often, people think of forms and surveys as just a basic way to get contact information or to follow up after a service has been provided. With MBizSurvey, you get so much more. You can now use this platform to qualify leads , conduct quizzes to score results, create conditional funnels based on the answer to specific questions or point totals, and of course, use as a way to follow up after a service is provided.



With MBizScheduler contacts simply access a link that allows them to efficiently schedule based on your availability. With MBizScheduler, you can use mobile-friendly booking links to eliminate double booking, integrate with PayPal or Stripe to collect payments in advance, and even use your link as part of a funnel as you redirect them to any website or landing page after a successful booking.



When you combine MBizSurvey with MBizScheduler, you receive access to a feature called MBizPipeline. This allows you to take all the data collected and track your leads. With this feature, you can really convert your cold leads to warm leads. Apply tags that place leads into a specific part of your sales pipeline after a new contact or lead completes a form from MBizSurvey or MBizScheduler.

Compliments the MBizCard!


By designing MBizLeads as a separate platform, it provides you with the flexibility to select the features that YOU want! The MBizCard Starter Package allows you to add unlimited links to your MBizCard. You can customize the menu to promote scheduling an appointment/meeting or for a user to take a survey so you can prequalify or follow up after service has been provided. Your direct MBizScheduler and MBizSurvey links can be easily added to your MBizCard. With the Personal Package or Enterprise Package, you can easily replace the form that comes with your MBizCard and embed your various forms, quizzes, and surveys into your MBizCard. This allows you to use MBizLeads to track your data while using the MBizCard as a conduit so people can easily connect with you.

How This Helps YOU!

Online Scheduler

MBizScheduler | Online Scheduler

If you maintain a busy schedule and want to spend less time scheduling meetings and appointments, then this is exactly what you need. You can create and accept unlimited bookings with your account. Anyone using Google Calendar can set up a two-way sync that will help eliminate double bookings with other events put directly on your calendar and not through this application. You also have the ability to:

  • Set the length of each appointment/meeting
  • Create buffered time before and after each booking
  • Limit your availability to "X" number of time slots
  • Accept payment in advance through PayPal & Stripe
  • Send email reminders to you and the scheduler
  • Brand the look and feel of your mobile-friendly page
  • Redirect users to any landing page after booking
  • Add header codes and tracking pixels

Part of: MBizScheduler | MBizPipeline

Surveys & Quizzes

MBizSurvey| Surveys and Quizzes

One of the most important parts of building a relationship with a new contact or a consumer is understanding what they need and how they feel about your various offerings. For this reason you can create and collect responses for unlimited quizzes and surveys. Use this feature to both qualify your leads and determine satisfaction and feedback from consumers. In addition, you can:

  • Use a variety of form field types to capture data
  • Create a point value for multiple choice style questions
  • Create conditionals that redirect users to different pages upon completion
  • Use to start or continue a sales funnel to increase sales
  • Select of 3 styles of mobile-friendly submission pages
  • Customize the look and feel of your forms
  • Add header codes and tracking pixels

Part of: MBizSurvey | MBizPipeline

Analytics Dashboard

MBizLeads| Analytics | Dashboard

Having the ability to encourage new contacts, leads, and consumers to book appointments online or complete a survey online is very valuable. Being able to take the data and understand what it means for your organization is what allows you to better understand what your clients want so you can take your business to a whole new level. Both MBizScheduler and MBizSurvey have dedicated dashboards that provide analytics for all of your appointments and surveys. You will be able to compare views to actual submissions of appointments and surveys, track qualified leads from survey submission through successful booking of appointments, view statistics for all survey questions answered, and track number of "hot leads" in your pipeline.

Part of: MBizScheduler | MBizSurvey | MBizPipeline

Integrate to Brand & Optimize

MBizLeads| Integrations

When someone submits a new booking or survey, you might want to take steps to engage with them further. One way to do this is to integrate your various appointments and surveys to other cloud-based applications that you are using. Through the Zapier Integration, you can easily integrate with 1,000+ cloud-based applications. However, there are also a handful of direct integrations built into the platform as well. They include:

  • Personal
    • Domain - Brand to your organization
    • SMTP - Send Emails from your account
    • IMAP - Send Emails from Gmail/GSuite
    • Google Calendar - MBizScheduler
  • Autoresponders
    • ActiveCampaign
    • AWeber
    • GetResponse
    • Infusionsoft (Team Accounts)
    • Mailchimp
  • Payment (for MBizScheduler)
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
  • Online Meeting Platforms
    • GoToMeeting
    • Zoom

Part of: MBizScheduler | MBizSurvey | MBizPipeline

Track Leads through Pipeline

MBizLeads| Integrations

If you do not have a consumer relationship management system (a way to track your leads), then you need to utilize the MBizPipeline feature. You are now able to easily add leads to any pipeline you create directly from the appointment and survey submissions. You are able to create unlimited pipelines and track unlimited leads. Once a lead is added to the pipeline, you can:

  • Move them as they progress from a cold lead to a client
  • Identify leads that are "Won" and "Lost"
  • Make notes about an individual lead
  • Create tasks related to each lead
  • Assign potential products or services to each lead
  • Track potential revenue for each stage of your pipeline

Part of: MBizPipeline

Contact Forms

MBizLeads| Integrations

If you want to embed a simple contact form on your website, you are able to generate one directly from inside your MBizLeads account. You can customize the colors of your form and even redirect new contacts to any website link upon successful submission.

Tag Contacts

MBizLeads| Tag Contacts

If you have a variety of pipelines, products, or services, you can utilize "tags" to help place new contacts into a specific location of your pipeline. In addition, you can utilize tags to trigger specific autoresponder actions when integrated with your account.

Lead Bank

MBizLeads| Integrations

Once a lead has entered your account through a booking or survey, you can view key information related to that contact. This includes the ability to view all of the various bookings and surveys that the lead or client has successfully submitted.

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NOTE: If you believe you will want additional users added to your "team" in the near future, you MUST start with the MBizTeam Package. At this time, we are not able to transfer your analytics from an individual account to team account. If you are not sure which account you need, we suggest that you schedule an online demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does unlimited actually mean in the packages above?
Great question and it means exactly what you think. You can create as many pipelines, leads, surveys and meeting types as you would like inside your account. In addition, you are able to capture as many responses and as you can get.

What are Linked Campaigns?
Linked Campaigns are ones in which you utilize the survey/form builder and then have the user schedule a meeting with the online scheduler based on their successful completion of the survey/form. They are perfect for qualifying leads since you can see not only who is a qualified client but also who wants to schedule a meeting with you.

Does the calendar integrate only with Google Calendar?
Yes. That may change in the future based on demand. However, with the Zapier integrations, there are ways your calendar can be set up to work with the system. We are happy to discuss these with you. Note that you do not need the two-way sync to your calendar if the calendar is only reserved for making reservations and booking meetings. The benefit of the two-way sync is if you keep all your information on one calendar so that people can know when you are busy.

Can I send emails to my leads through MBizPipeline?
No. Part of the reason you can capture unlimited submissions and leads is MBizPipeline does not serve as an autoresponder. You can take notes and document the correspondence you have with various users but you will be sending emails or text messages out from either an Autoresponder or Email account. To make things easier for you, all features of MBizLeads do integrate with over 1,000 applications and all leads submitted through a survey or appointment can be easily added to any autoresponder or contact database you are using. For example, if a lead comes in by setting an appointment, that contact's information can easily be sent to both your Mailchimp and Google Contacts thus making it easy to send emails to him/her as needed.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
You may cancel your subscription at anytime. The cancellation will go into effect immediately but your account will remain active through the currently billed and paid for subscripion period.

Can I easily switch accounts or upgrade/downgrade?
Yes! If you would like to start with just MBizScheduler or MBizSurvey, you can easily do that. Just enter a support ticket and we are more than happy to help out. If you do a lateral switch from MBizScheduler to MBizSurvey, your subscription will just remain active but we will change your permissions. If you wish to upgrade from to MBizPipeline, your current subscription will be canceled and a new one started. For the time remaining on what was your "current subscription", you will only be invoiced for the difference between your "current subscription" and MBizPipeline. If you wish to downgrade, your "current subscription" will be cancelled. We will then start you with a new subscription at the lower rate and provide you with a "trial" period that covers the difference you paid for your "current subscription."

Can I upgrade to or downgrade from the MBizTeam Package?
Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able convert your account from from an individual account to a team account. This is because we allow the Team account to have private label features which means customizing your domain. This would affect a lot of the data inside the account. Accordingly, we recommend you schedule an online demo if you are wanting to determine if the MBizTeam package is the right package for you.

Refund & Cancellation Policy: See Frequenly Asked Question Section Above
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